Identification Course

09.00 09.30 Registration
09.30 11.00 1st Period
11.00 11.30 Morning break
11.30 13.00 2nd period
13.00 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 15.00 3rd Period
15.00 15.30 Afternoon Break
15.30 16.30 4th Period
16.30 17.00 Discussion Period

During this two day training course you will be taught basic procedures that you can use on a day to day basis, helping you to understand and overcome the most common types of problems with double glazing systems. As well as providing you with an excellent grounding in product knowledge, and identification techniques.

Listed below are all the points which this course will cover:

  • How to identify locks and locking systems to PVC-u, Timber & Aluminium doors & windows
  • (Toe & Heel) Learn the technique for re-aligning doors and windows, utilising the sealed unit
  • Adjusting and replacing hinges to residential doors and windows
  • Re-hanging doors
  • Upgrading existing locking systems to a high specification, recognised by most leading Insurance Companies and the Police
  • Retro fitting new locks in place of broken obsolete locks no longer available
  • Additional face mounted locks and securing techniques
  • Changing lever operated locks to key operated systems and vice-versa
  • Hinge replacement and adjustment
  • How to replace or re-connect 3-point shoot or hook bolt locking mechanisms
  • Fitting additional locks and handles to doors and windows
  • Identifying different locking systems and the most stress free way to replace them
  • How to replace or re-connect 3-point locking mechanisms
  • Sash and door alignment and adjustment to square up sashes to re-align locks with keeps
  • Identifying different glazing systems and how to replace units
  • Replacement of friction stays and restrictor stay installation
  • Correct procedure for glazing and de-glazing sealed units to various glazing systems and additional security
  • Servicing and replacement of aluminium patio door locks, units, rollers and track

You will be awarded a Certificate upon completion of the training course.

Course Cost 550.00 Excl. VAT