Tilt & Turn Course

09.00 09.30 Registration
09.30 11.00 1st Period
11.00 11.30 Morning break
11.30 13.00 2nd period
13.00 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 15.00 3rd Period
15.00 15.30 Afternoon Break
15.30 16.30 4th Period
16.30 17.00 Discussion Period

This course will cover all areas of servicing, repairing or Replacing Tilt & Slide or Tilt & Turn systems. Highlighting the pitfalls that can be made with tilt & slide and tilt & turn systems.

This course will give you good product knowledge and fault-finding skills, working on FUHR, SI, GU, ROTO.HAUTAU and MACO.

  • Additional security and face mounted locks
  • How to identify the different locking mechanisms and understand how they operate
  • Replacing patio door rollers and track
  • Replacing woolpile and curing draughts
  • How to adjust patio doors and modify extrusions to accommodate rollers where no longer available
  • Adjusting roller carriages to re-align doors and re-positioning stoppers
  • Integrating different makes of hardware as some manufacturers do
  • Identifing between the different makes of gearing and the known problems related to these specific makes
  • Totally Re-gearing a sash with different makes of gearing
  • How to Plan repair & maintenance contracts

CourseCost 650.00 Excl. VAT